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Automation Egypt is one of the founders of the industrial automation sector in Egypt . Automation Egypt is well known for its success in producing economical and productive solutions to industrial plants .

With its long term experience, Automation Egypt is capable of analyzing the problems that plants face in industrial structure and produce plant specific solutions to resolve them. As a result, Automation Egypt is helping companies to convert their investments into high yielding and high quality production. At Automation Egypt, we are working with our Egypt and foreign customers to continuously provide high quality solutions at a reasonable cost .

We are partnering with well known manufacturers from the industrial automation world. Automation Egypt provides the needed appliances, hardware and systems for their manufacturers, helping our customers through the integration of these systems with the help of our experienced technical staff. We are also providing the necessary training before and after the installation of these systems in order to guarantee the success of these projects.



Automation Egypt is cooperating with the largest manufacturing all over the world in control Field.




Automatic Weighing  System Using  PLC & Scada:

Adding a weighted quantities of different products from un weighted source; you just need to enter the required weight to be added.




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